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Each of our Cape designs is gorgeous looking. The particular Cape style is practical in addition to functional. A steeper 8/12 frequency roof indicates more storage space room above as well as a bigger overhang about the back. Choose between our economical Backyard series or finest quality Elite series. Both offer for you in unmatched top quality and value!

Starting at $2,702
BYCape 01

Backyard Cape: 12'x18', Navajo White T-111, Black Shingles, Buckskin Trim

Options Pictured: 30"x36" Windows, Transom Windows above Double Doors, Avocado Accented Doors, Extra 3' Door with Transom Windows, Arch Trim, Garden Vents, Deluxe Trim Package with 1"x4" Fascia

Sale Price as Pictured
Built on Site $7,788
Delivered Assembled $6,908




Storage Shed Options

Customize your storage shed even more with these popular shed options and additions.

Shed Loft

Shed Loft Option

Starting at $79

P.T. Shed Ramp

Shed Ramp Option

Starting at $110

16" Shed Shelf

Shed Shelf Option

Starting at $5 per sq. ft.

Wood Flower Box

Shed Flowerbox Option

Starting at $19